Siping Shunbang Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing enterprise which integrates product development, manufacturing, sales and service. The company has established a good and stable partnership with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, forming a strong talent, technology, and brand advantages.
         The company regards "doing things according to the times and doing things to rejuvenate the country" as its business philosophy, conforms to the trend of the Chinese nation's economy, and makes industry with the spirit of doing things. "Filial piety, responsibility, innovation, and refinement" as the essence of corporate culture, excellence, strive to create automated, intelligent, practical products, to bring customers higher benefits.
         The company's main product "Collection Wang" brand straw and feed bundler, is an innovative, multi-functional, high-yielding agricultural machinery products, developed and manufactured over seven years, won two national invention patents, four utility model patents, with all intellectual property rights, is the exclusive domestic and foreign original products.
        Each machine of the company's products can create an annual income of about 200,000 yuan for farmers and herdsmen, packaging out fine feed products, more farmers and herdsmen to save up to 70% of the cost of forage. It not only relieves the hardship of farmers and herdsmen, reduces the cost of forage, and solves the problem of burning straw, but also creates rich income for farmers and herdsmen. At the same time, it also "turns waste into treasure" and recovers the lost half of agriculture, and makes a contribution to the return of a blue sky for future generations.
        The company has been adhering to the customer's needs as their own responsibility, adhere to the customer's three satisfaction as the basic principle, to provide customers with the most advanced technical support, the best quality products, the most perfect service, to meet the needs of the market and the majority of users. In 2018, let us achieve the goal of "science and technology achieve the dream of win-win cooperation", not only for the vast number of users to bring greater benefits, but also to continue to contribute to the development of the national and local economy.





公司一直秉承以客戶的需求為己任初心,堅持以客戶的三個滿意為基本原則,為客戶提供先進的技術支持、優質的產品、完善的服務,來滿足市場和廣大戶的需求。2018年讓我們實現“科技順邦 成就夢想 攜手共贏”的奮斗目標,不僅要為廣大用戶帶來更大的收益,更要持續地為國家和地方經濟發展貢獻力量。  

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